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  1. #1 It's Reconciliation! (Pelosi to use "nuclear option" 
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    It's Reconciliation (Update) »

    Cafferty On Pelosi: "What A Horrible Woman She Is!"

    Separately, she is meeting with Harry Reid today.

    "This will cost Dirty Harry His Political Ass !"

    A well-informed source tells The Mouth Nancy Pelosi is set to announce the House will go the reconciliation route on health care reform.Of course, that means using a budgetary procedure that requires a simple majority to pass.

    It’s still unclear to us precisely what that means would be passed, but possibilities would be creating a national health care exchange and expanding Medicare or Medicaid coverage.Democrats are caucusing now, so stay tuned.Update: A second source confirms that Pelosi is presenting a reconciliation plan to the caucus, and making sure they go with something that can actually pass.

    Thelma and Louise going over the cliff anyone?
    Soooooo...we've gone from "cram and jam" to "let's not rush this," and now we're back to "cram and jam." As demonstrated by events in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, the voters will have the last word on this. Come November 2010, "it's a hard rain a-gonna fall."
    Reconciliation is a Senate tactic. It is not Pelosi's call. She might try some changes to the Senate plan that could be cast as budget tweaks and thus eligible for reconciliation when returned to the Senate, but that does not mean 51 Senators will follow her over the cliff. After Massachusetts this ploy might be the biggest backfire she's had to content with, which lately is saying something.
    QuickenTree:"Reconciliation is a Senate tactic" Actually not 'just' a Senate tactic, both houses can use it on a 'existing' law that deals with budgetary issues. Problem here is that the Health Care bills are not solely 'budgetary,' and must be stripped down to that area ... which is what again is being done in secret.

    But Whee!!!! here we go again.

    I think however she is 'beating the grass to startle the snakes.' They are trying to see 'who' they must deal with ... to get this bill passed. They are not afraid of the voters .

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    Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, you ignorant Sl-t, don't you get it. WE DON"T WANT YOUR SOCIALIST CRAP IN ANY FORM!
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    Reconciliation "Nuclear option" is not going to happen. The rules for it would leave the bill looking like swiss cheese. In a form that no Dem would vote for, and Republicans still wouldn't support.
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