UFC fighter Brock Lesnar calls Canada a 'Third World country'
By Kyle Kosteron January 21, 2010 6:48 AM
Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar finally weighed in on the Canadian health care system yesterday in press conference announcing his return to fighting after a bout with diverticulitis.

Lesnar described his harrowing illness, which reportedly struck him while hunting in Manitoba, and the subsequent quality of care he received north of the border.

"I love Canada," said Lesnar. "Some of the best people and best hunting in the world, but I wasn't in the right facility."

"They couldn't do nothing for me," he added. "It was like I was in a Third World country, I just looked at my wife and she saved my life and I had to get out of there."
That wife? Why, it's former WWE wrestling superstar Sable.

Of course it is.

Lesnar, a self-described "carnivore, says his diverticulitis was brought on by his all-protein diet.

For those of you who aren't doctors, that's when saclike herniations form on the outside of the colon and become inflamed.

It sound just miserable.

The fighting enthusiast used these herniations to stump against the health care bill. This is America, after all.

"The only reason I'm mentioning this, I'm mentioning it to the United States of America because President Obama is looking for health care reform and I don't want it ... I'm speaking on behalf of Americans, I'm speaking on behalf of our doctors in the United States that don't want this to happen and neither do I."
Glad he's OK, but not sure how much credence he should be given on this issue. He's comparing treatment from the Mayo Clinic to what is believed to be a rural outpost in Manitoba.

Not exactly a fair fight.

We'll see if the notorious nice people of Canada take umbrage with any of this.
By the way, he's coming back this summer.