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    That is a BIG endorsement. Thanks.
    "The efforts of the government alone will never be enough. In the end the people must choose and the people must help themselves" ~ JFK; from his famous inauguration speech (What Democrats sounded like before today's neo-Liberals hijacked that party)

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    The only way a third political party can get any traction at all is if Instant Runoff Voting was to be instituted nationally, and that will never, ever happen.

    I remember all too well that in '92, Ross Perot voters gave us Bill Clinton. :(

    We Constitutional Conservatives will just have to take over the established Republican Party by our sheer numbers along with the candidates of OUR CHOICE, not the RHINO's choice. :mad:

    "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." author Will Rogers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockntractor View Post
    I'm with you, I don't like the name and never have!
    And it kind of makes it a guided question, doesn't it?
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    Obama-if you're being run out of town, get out in front and pretend that it's a parade!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Average Voter View Post
    if it's a conservative amoeba. Personally, I think most of the current crop of politicians already have an intellect on par with an amoeba.
    Hey to call politicians as intelligent as an amoeba is as insullt to amoebi, everywhere

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