Hillarys Harpeys* cost Obama backer's job in Massachusetts

This is juicy, payback time... Anybody who believes the intra-party battle is just temporary is delusional.

Support of Obama costs MarDee Xifaras her spot on Democratic National Committee

" In earlier versions of Greek myth, Harpies were described as beautiful, winged maidens. Later they became winged monsters with the face of an ugly old woman and equipped with crooked, sharp talons. They were represented carrying off persons to the underworld and inflicting punishment or tormenting them. Those persons were never seen again. They robbed the food from Phineus, but were driven away by Cailas and Zetes, the Boreads, and since then they lived on the Strophades. The Harpies were probably the personification of storm winds. They are: Aello, Celaeno, and Ocypete. "

Attorney Margaret “MarDee” Xifaras has been ousted after 28 years from the state’s delegation to the Democratic National Committee by what one supporter describes as “hard-core Hillary feminists” upset with her endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama for president in a state that went for Sen. Clinton.
After cheerfully saying, “I’m still standing,” Mrs. Xifaras told The Standard-Times, “It was interesting to watch because there was a fair amount of disconcert from friends, partly female friends, that I had chosen to support Obama.”

Susan Thomson, who until recently was the state party’s executive director, campaigned to replace Mrs. Xifaras, and won a four-year term with the heavy majority of the female vote.
“Let me put it this way,” he said. “Among the Clinton supporters there was a sort of unwritten word that went out that said we elect our own, and the collateral damage on that was we don’t vote Xifaras.”

He said that state Senate President Therese Murray, D-Plymouth, and former Sen. Lois G. Pines were at the meeting and “have been very outspoken, each of them, about women who have not been supporting Hillary Clinton.”