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  1. #1 "Eighteen Live Pigs Blown up in Government Terrorism Experiments" 
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    "Why are they always picking on the pigs ?Why not use some Of Those spare sick old white Church people hanging around and collecting all of those benefits ?"/PC = 0ff.

    Eighteen pigs wrapped in protective Kevlar blankets were blasted in a bid to help scientists understand more about the effects of bomb blasts on victims. The animals were placed less than three yards from an explosive.

    Before being blown up, tubes were inserted into their blood vessels and bladders, and their spleens were removed.

    Medics hope the experiments will help British soldiers in Afghanistan as well as casualties of terror attacks like the July 2005 bombing of the London Underground and a double-decker bus.

    "The animals were placed less than three yards from an explosive.No pigs survived the experiments.".....No shit ????
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