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You're assuming that everyone who takes advantage of this will be a well adjusted (to use the term loosely) transgendered individual.

As soon as some pedophile figures out that he can claim to be "transgendered" and get to watch little girls in the bathroom, McDonalds is going to have some more serious problems than the AFA.

A few years back, I had a friend at church who was a male to female TS-I liked her, and all, but that friendship and seeing what she went through is what caused me to start thinking about how doctors really shouldn't do that to people, even if the patients believe it's what they want. My friend was middle-aged and had frequent plastic surgery to preserve the female image. I think she would have been better off to forgo the surgery and cross-dress, both physically and mentally. But what's done is done, and now she has to live as a woman.

My friend moved, but she was always appropriate around kids, and none of the women had any problem with her being in the bathroom at church.