My Friend,

I have spent much of my career fighting against wasteful spending in Washington. I'm not afraid to speak out when I see taxpayer dollars wasted. And in all my years in public office, I have never seen spending as out of control as it is under the current Democratic leadership.

Our national debt has reached an all-time high of $12.4 trillion dollars as a result of the astonishing expansion of big government under President Obama. And now, Congressional Democrats want to raise our national debt ceiling by an additional $1.9 trillion. This is unconscionable.

If Democrats are successful in raising the debt ceiling, our country will have a budget deficit of nearly $14.3 trillion! It's outrageous and frightening to think of passing on such a staggering amount of debt to our children and grandchildren.

Today, I want to know what you think. Do you support the Democrats' legislation to raise the debt ceiling? We've put together a special poll for you to speak out on this issue and you can register your opinion by following this link.

It seems nearly every single elected Democrat has ignored the public's disapproval for their out of control spending. They are out-of-touch with every day American values and each national poll shows a majority of Americans agree with us.

You can send a message to the Democrats to let them know you don't want our country incurring any additional debt to fund their government expansion. Please take one minute out of your day and follow this link and share your opinion in our poll.

After registering your opinion, you will have the opportunity to make a financial contribution to my reelection campaign. I'm determined to continue my service as a United States Senator and your donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more will enable me to continue fighting.

I've been a vocal opponent of the Obama agenda of wasteful spending, expansion of government, increased tax burdens on hardworking Americans, and the massive takeover of our health care system. I will continue to voice my disapproval for these failed policies.

But I can only continue fighting with you by my side. Please take a moment to share your opinion on the Democrats' attempt to raise the debt ceiling, and afterwards, consider making a generous donation to help me maintain our fight. Thank you.


John McCain

P.S. The out of control spending Congressional Democrats advocate is crippling our economy. If Congressional Democrats are successful in raising the debt ceiling, our national deficit could reach $14.3 trillion. Please speak out today against this policy by taking our quick poll using this link. After registering your opinion, I ask that you make a contribution of any amount to help me continue fighting in the Senate. Thank you for your time and generosity.

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