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I am sick of white people having to bow down and walk on eggshells around blacks to keep from hurting their feelings. I am sick of seeing blacks in their 20's and 30's standing on the street corners in the middle of the day instead of at work. I am sick of seeing able bodied blacks drawing disability for minor ailments. I'm sick of hearing black comedians make jokes at the expense of whites (which I have no problem with), when white comedians know that black jokes are off limits. I'm tired of the double standard. I'm tired of being called aracist for stating what is the truth where I live.
But I think many of you missed this gem by Rebel Yell. He speaks the truth on several levels.

Honestly, what would the odds be if B. Hussein was a white man that he would have even come within smelling distance of Hitlery's ass? It is a novelty vote that is going to run this country into the ground. If B. Hussein is given this election, you are going to find a state of anarchy, civil disobediance, and race wars like you have never seen before.

This election scares the living hell out of me. There are so many things that are lining up to be sooo bad.