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    Maybe I wasnt clear.

    I want links to the original raw data that led to the conclusions drawn by the IPCC. You said it can be downloaded.

    I want links to the original CRU raw data that led to their findings. Dont go on with this" I posted it before" bwcause I think you are lying.

    If you posted them before, you have them on hand.

    Post them HERE.


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    Wilbur I hate to crap in anybodies cornflakes, but don't you see that your fucking a dead horse?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaGator View Post
    wilbur you should read some stuff about atmospheric gas density then you might realize how far CO2 molecules are separated when CO2 is less than .04% of the total volume of gases. It's like the dispersal of a single drop of nile river water in a olympic pool. there is more argon gas in the atmosphere than CO2.

    But nice try...
    Gas Name Chemical Formula Percent Volume
    Nitrogen N2 78.08%
    Oxygen O2 20.95%
    *Water H2O 0 to 4%
    Argon Ar 0.93%
    *Carbon Dioxide CO2 0.0360%
    Neon Ne 0.0018%
    Helium He 0.0005%
    *Methane CH4 0.00017%
    Hydrogen H2 0.00005%
    *Nitrous Oxide N2O 0.00003%
    *Ozone O3 0.000004%

    * variable gases

    Nearly 3 times Argon in the air then CO2.
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