I was listening to a debate on talk radio whether two Liquefied natural gas (LNG) Tankers should be allowed into Boston harbor on 2/11/10.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino had asked that they not be allowed in due to security concerns. But others say it's perfectly safe, that there's plenty of security and so on.


And then I thought, well how likely would it be that an officer in the armed forces who openly stated that Islamic suicide bombers are equivalent to US soldiers who dive on armed grenades to save their comrades in arms could get away with killing 13 people on an army base?

Did I mention that the LNG tankers are coming from Yemen, terror HQ for Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula? And did I also mention that in our haste to empty GITMO we've sent scores of terrorists back to lawess Yemen, many of whom have returned to a life of terror?

I think i'll alert my son who goes to BU to stay inland on the 11th.


Did I also mention that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinijad said "Iran will deliver a telling blow to world powers" on 2/11/10?