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  1. #1 "Illinois GOP Plays Hardball.Alexi Giannoulias: He'd Make Tony Soprano Proud !" 
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    At Last! GOP Plays Hardball

    Illinois Democrats nominated Alex Giannoulias to run for the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. As Richard Baehr noted Monday on AT, Giannoulias has substantial weaknesses that could enable Congressman Mark Kirk, the Republican nominee, to take the seat in November.

    The GOP Senatorial Campaign Committee is wasting no time in focusing on Guannoulias's shady past, something that may resonate with Illinois voters, sick of Democrat machine corruption that has left the state arguably in worse fiscal shape than California.

    Alexi Giannoulias: He'd Make Tony Soprano Proud
    Kirk versus Giannoulias is an ideal matchup for the GOP. Clearly, the Republican Senate Committee has decided to define Alexi Giannoulias early, which is very smart. The fact that Alexi's primary opponent David Hoffman came within 5% of knocking off Giannoulias, even with little money or name recognition, demonstrates voters' disgust with Cook County cronyism and corruption, and the machine politicians who run every element of the state.

    As Tom Bevan points out, the turnout in the Democratic and GOP Senate primaries was much more balanced that in 2004, when Obama won his seat. This is another good sign for the GOP in a heavily Democratic state. This is is particularly the case, since the GOP primary was much more one-sided than the Democratic race, and competitive primaries usually draw a larger turnout.
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    I think the Soprano reference isn't very smart. Tony Soprano is a fictional character. There are enough organized crime figures in Illinois' history to draw from instead of using a fictional character. Also, the guy doing the voice over in a mock North Jersey accent is juvenile as well.
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