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  1. #1 PATROL BASE JAKER:Marines in Afghanistan documentary 
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    PATROL BASE JAKER Movie Pitch on (Marines in Afghanistan documentary)

    PATROL BASE JAKER Movie Pitch on

    Apache Promo.wmv

    AH-64 in action kabul afganistan part.1

    Ah-64 in action kabul afganistan part.2

    Apache gunship killing Taliban - pass #2

    UAV Kills 6 Heavily Armed Criminals

    David Scantling is making a documentary about U.S. Marines in Afghanistan, being embedded there last October--on this YouTube page he has several very nice videos of 'the boots on the ground' going about their daily business, interacting with the locals, etc .

    Too bad we hardly ever see positive images of our Marines and other military members like these in the MSM!! God bless and protect all of them.
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    Good catch.

    Yep. Mean ole Marines running 'round 'Ghanistan murdering civies. Or so the Lame Stream Media, Harry Reid, John Murtha, ect.. would have you believe.

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