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  1. #1 "This Day In History Washington is Elected President of The United States Of America" 
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    This Day In History February 4,1789 George Washington is Elected President

    On this day in 1789, 69 members of Congress cast their ballots to elect George Washington the first president of the United States.

    As the former leader of the Continental Army and chairman of the Continental Congress, Washington possessed the necessary credentials for the presidency, if not the enthusiasm.

    After months of appearing to sidestep, and even outright rejecting the idea of assuming the presidency, Washington reluctantly accepted Congress's decision. snip

    When the Senate proposed that he be called by the official title ,His Highness the President of the United States of America and the Protector of Their Liberties, an embarrassed Washington opted for the more modest address of Mr. President.
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    Over two hundred years since the body of the best leaders this nation every had passed on one by one.

    Not one single person has been a leader or any group been leaders as they were at any time in our history.

    Islama Obama

    President Obama said we are not at war with Islam. True. But Islam
    is at war with the United States and the world. So we should be
    at war with it. There is no way to fight Islamic terrorism unless
    the Koran is rewritten and the parts of the world that are in the
    Muslim darkness are completely opened up to other religions.
    Where truth and light are no longer punished by death
    but the bringer of liberty and enlightenment. me
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