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  1. #1 Youngs Must Turn Over Silky Pony Sex Tape. 
    Youngs ordered to deliver Edwards sex tape
    Updated at 12:44 PM today

    PITTSBORO (WTVD) -- Andrew Young and his wife arrived at the Pittsboro courthouse Friday for a hearing on a temporary restraining order over a video tape of former presidential candidate John Edwards.

    A judge quickly found them in contempt and ordered them to turn over the tape by Wednesday at 2 p.m.

    Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter went to court to get the tape that reportedly shows her and Edwards having sex.

    Hunter was not at the hearing Friday.

    Young, a former aide to Edwards, said he and his wife found the tape after Hunter moved out of their house in 2007. Edwards has publicly admitted to beginning an affair with Hunter in 2006 while she worked on his campaign as a videographer. He has also admitted to being the father of her daughter.
    I guess I'm living in one of Edwards' two Americas. That would be the one where normal people don't make sex tapes.

    ABC local
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    I am tired of hearing about Edwards creepy lifestyle. Young is cashing in on his association which tell me that he is just as a big a sleazebag as John boy. If an indictment for fraud comes down the pike, that will get my attention.
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