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My wife taught at a long established "free market" school for several years.

The cost per student was about one third the cost of the country system.

The school was always rated as being one of the best if not the best in the county for many years in a row.

You don't educate children by throwing money away.

You don't educate children by paying off the sleazy Teacher's union.

You don't educate children by making a school a social institution instead of a learning institution.

You don't educate students by making sure you fill racial quotas or other Left Wing politically correct bullshit.

The Liberals don't have a clue how to provide education.

You don't have a clue about this subject or hardly anything else you comment on.
Amen. Don't think it's worth the grownups trying to reason with a kid who doesn't understand logic and certainly, like Obama, has no knowledge of history.

Gator, you're doing a good job in your attempt to educate someone who isn't capable of absorbing what you're saying.