".......Those UN Critters Are Proving To Be Real Swine !!"

“Scott Ritter uses sign language to answer the question, “What are my odds of staying out of jail?”

“Scott Ritter, the mouthy U.N. weapons inspector who became a vocal critic of the Bush administration, is a bad man. A very bad man.

“The Pocono Record reports the dirty details:
“A former chief United Nations weapons inspector is accused of contacting what he thought was a 15-year-old girl in an Internet chat room, engaging in a sexual conversation and showing himself masturbating on a Web camera.

“Scott Ritter of Delmar, N.Y., who served as chief U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991-98 and who was an outspoken critic of the second Bush administration in the run-up to the war in Iraq, is accused of contacting what turned out to be a Barrett Township police officer posing undercover as a teen girl.

“The police affidavit gives the following account:
“Officer Ryan Venneman was posing as 15-year-old “Emily” in an online chat room when he was contacted by someone using the name “Delmarm4fun.” This person, later identified as Ritter, told “Emily” he was a 44-year-old male from Albany, N.Y.

““Emily” told Ritter she was a 15-year-old girl from the Poconos, at which point Ritter asked for a picture other than the one “Emily” had posted on her account. Ritter then sent her a link to his Web camera and began to masturbate on camera.

““Emily” asked Ritter for his cell phone number, which he provided.
“Ritter again asked “Emily” how old she was.

“Ritter told “Emily” he had been fantasizing about having sex with her, to which she replied: “Guess you turned it off …”

“Ritter then said: “You want to see it finish,” reactivated his webcam and continued masturbating and ejaculated on camera.

“Ritter reportedly blamed the incident on faulty intelligence. His own.”