You're looking at a mosquito who got taken down mid-flight by a "Death Star" laser gun. snip.

The malaria-carrying pest never saw it coming, but you can watch everything happen over and over again in this video.:D

"Death Star" also leaves your body covered with Laser Tracking burns and Assorted Scar Tissue also all small Pets will Be Incinerated !"

"Those People in the video aren't from earth,There were specially imported from Vega !"

The idea behind the "Death Star" laser is that it could be used to control mosquito populations in developing countries in hopes of reducing the number of deaths due to malaria, a disease frequently carried by the flying insects. The device was shown off during the TED 2010 conference and does in fact appear to be capable of tracking and killing mosquitoes. Oh, and it was built out of parts found on eBay.