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    When Scott Brown stunned the Massachusetts establishment, some state Democrats said it was time to hit the panic button. snip

    According to yesterday’s Herald, Boston City Hall has been testing ePanicButton software. “[City] workers would be able to hit a button on their computer or push a pedal on the floor to summon help if an angry taxpayer storms into City Hall or if someone arguing a parking ticket gets out of hand,” the Herald reported.

    “Angry taxpayers”? Aren’t those the people who showed up at those dangerous Tea Party rallies, too? I bet the Department of Homeland Security has a file on them!

    Are we sure a panic-button protection is enough?

    How about a trap door or even a moat? You can’t take chances with these crazed taxpayers. I say that if someone heads to City Hall with a “Palin 2012” button on their lapel, we should release the Rottweilers!

    The good news is that for the moment, wronged taxpayers can still fight City Hall without worry that they’ll be tackled by security guards. The $5 million ePanic system is cost prohibitive. But the government’s interest in it is revealing.

    Consider the thousands of businesses around New England that provide customer service or take customer complaints. Now consider how few of them fear their customers to the point of emergency panic systems.

    Fox News just broke the story that the largest government workers’ union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), has contributed $9.9 million to fight the Tea Parties.

    They’re helping fund, which opposes the movement’s “dangerous” and “radical” ideas.

    When you take time from your private-sector job to show up at a rally demanding fiscal sanity, isn’t it nice to know part of some government hack’s tax-funded paycheck is being used against you?

    As Jennifer Rubin points out for Commentary magazine, “The Tea Party movement, once defamed and derided, now poses a threat to the liberal establishment, so much so that they are collecting millions to undermine it.”

    Remember when the idea of public service was to solve problems for the taxpayers? Now we’ve got unionized hacks who think the problem is the taxpayers.

    Why would the Obama administration gather intelligence on American citizens merely expressing their political beliefs?

    Why would government workers want trap doors at the RMV? Why would their unions be attacking citizens worried about spending and debt?

    Because the liberal, pro-government establishment has seen the enemy and they think it’s us. And they’re right.

    A new Rasmussen poll shows that 63 percent of likely voters think America would be better off if we threw out our incumbent congressmen. Interestingly, the group of voters Rasmussen identifies as the “Political Class” - supporters of big government and collective actions - wants incumbents to stay right where they are.

    Like it or not, taxpayers, the fight is on.

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    I saw a poll a couple of years ago that demonstrated that fully 75% of "Goverment Workers" indicate that they are Democrats, if not "card carrying" then leaning to the Party agenda.

    If one's "rice bowl" is dependent on having BIG Government (and, logically, Government jobs)..... this should not surprise ANYONE at all.

    However, seeing that there are a hell of a LOT of Government Workers these days, that makes for a very comforting voter block. Not quite as steadfast as the Black Community's insistance on supporting the Dems.... but close.

    Let's see now..... if we get this right...... Welfare Recipients, Government Workers, Unions and Minorities.... pretty soon one has an undefeatable plurality for elections.

    The only question that remains is who is left productive enough to "pay the enormous bills" the Dems seem to run up in the effort to appease (bribe) their potential constituents?

    Well, hard working middle class..... by process of deduction, I suspect it will be you. (Ain't being a "target" a bitch?)

    The first sign of impending serfdom is when you trade your self determination, your individual responsibility and your vote to the Government in return for subsistance. -LS-
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