Ann Coulter Refers to Biden as Drunken Irishman Twice in Debate Over Biden Attempt to Counter Cheney

"Ya Gotta Love Ann Coulter,She Has More Political Bal*s That Most Men !"

Ann Coulter has referred to VP Joe Biden as a "drunken Irishman" not once, but two, extremely enjoyable times in a debate with former Howard Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi over the Obama White House's reactionary attitude of dispensing Joe Biden to counter Cheney's criticism of Obama's failed terror policies.

Appearing as a panelist on Jerry River's (that's Geraldo Rivera to you and me) Sunday night show on FNC, Coulter delivered the spot-on description of Biden in the broader context of his effectiveness and credibility as someone the White House would choose to discredit Cheney. Clearly, Coulter was less than..