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  1. #1 "O'Bummer 'Brings Out The Clowns', Biden On 'Meet the Press'. " 
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    Brooks: 'What Biden Said on [MTP] Today Will be Laughed at Around the Arab World'

    New York Times columnist David Brooks says that what Vice President Joe Biden told NBC's David Gregory Sunday concerning the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City doesn't pass the laugh test.

    "What Joe Biden said on ['Meet the Press'] today will be laughed at around the Arab world."

    Maybe even more shocking, speaking during the panel discussion segment that followed Biden's interview, Brooks agreed with some things former Vice President Dick Cheney spoke about concerning this matter on ABC's "This Week."

    "The KSM trial has become a total mess. What Joe Biden said today on the program doesn't pass the laugh test," Brooks said. "[T]he second thing I think Cheney's actually right about is Mirandizing."

    Brooks amazingly continued: "[S]ay we'd captured the 9/11 guys on September 10th, or one of them, should we have read that guy his rights and given him a lawyer? No. We should have tried to get some intelligence out of the guy" (video embedded below the fold with transcript)
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    This is just further evidence that president hussein is still just campaigning. Traditionally, VP candidates are used as "attack dogs" during a campaign for election or re-election. Where is the foreign experience that Biden was supposed to lend to the hussein administration? Nowhere! Where is the presidential leadership? Nowhere!

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