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  1. #1 Grossman Execution Set for Tonight in Wildlife Officer's Slaying 
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    CLEARWATER - Martin Grossman is scheduled to enter the death chamber at Florida State Prison just before 6 p.m. today and utter his final words to a gathering that includes relatives of the woman he killed. The family of wildlife officer Peggy Park has waited more than 25 years for this. "We need to see that it's finally finished, it's over and we can move on," said Betsy Park, the victim's younger sister.
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    Burn in Hell you son of a bitch!
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    I have a book by a former NJ DOC officer who for a time served on the execution detail and said that in one execution he witnessed, the time from when the accused was sentenced to the time the sentence was carried out, 8 months passed. Nowadays, these scumbags take 25 years to execute. IMO, unless there are some major questions about a trial, you get 2 appeals tops then it's off to the great beyond. This taking 25 years is ridiculous.
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