Still cold here in Florida! Whacky libs!

As Americans have come to realize that the "science" behind global warming seems to mainly consist of fudging data and making doomsday prophecies in return for grant money, the wheels have started to come off Al Gore's hobby horse.

Of course, conservatives have not been shocked by this turn of events. That's because unlike far too many liberals, conservatives are actually interested in science, while the Left looks at it as little more than another institution to march through and corrupt in an effort to push their political agenda forward.

We've been seeing this play out for years in the debate over global warming which has featured conservatives actually asking basic questions about the science behind it that liberals have tried to dodge by screaming "scientific consensus" at the top of their lungs.

However, when even prominent global warming advocates like Phil Jones are being forced to publicly admit what global warming skeptics have been saying for years, that there hasn't been any warming in over a decade, it's an indication that the global warming shell game has just about run its course. Soon, the global warming "true believers" will be down to environmental extremists, scientists on the global warming gravy train, and hardcore socialists with ulterior motives for promoting an increasingly ridiculous theory.

With that in mind, it's worth taking a look at some of the extreme, impractical, and bizarre changes that liberals want to make to our way of life in an effort to fight a threat that's about as real as Barack Obama's campaign promises.

1) End Short Airplane Flights. The group Plane Stupid actually wants an "end to short haul flights and airport expansion." Incidentally, in case you're wondering, a "short haul" flight runs 500-1000 miles, depending on the definition that's used. So, if these guys had their way, instead of a 3 hour flight, you'd essentially have to spend a couple of extra days on the road, each way, driving to where you are going. Maybe that sounds appealing to liberals who have nothing better to do than show up at the local "Free Mumia" protest, but the rest of us have busy schedules.

2) Wipe with one square of toilet paper. Sheryl Crow, who’s so environmentally conscious that she goes on tour with "3 tractor trailers, 4 buses and 6 cars," had a wonderful idea the rest of us can adopt to protect the planet from global warming: only use one sheet of toilet paper.