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  1. #1 Tea Party Organizer Wins New York State Assembly Race 
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    The Tea Party followers can boast about their first elected official.

    Dean Murray, a 45-year-old Long Island, N.Y., businessman who organized Tea Party protests, will be sworn in as the new Republican state assemblyman representing Long Island's eastern 3rd Assembly District on Monday, after being certified the winner of a special election held last Tuesday.

    Murray defeated his Democratic opponent, 28-year-old Lauren Thoden, 51 to 49 percent, making him what is believed to be the first Tea Party organizer who has attained public office. His district has been in Democratic hands for the last 13 years and he is the third Republican to hold the seat in the last 37 years. The assemblywoman he replaced, Patricia Eddington, resigned to take another post as a town clerk.

    It's begun.

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    Washington still hasn't figured out that this Tea Party thing isn't a partisan, or even bi-partisan reaction. It's a revitalization of core American ideals and values. I don't think the corrupt, bloated politicians of both parties up for re-election have figured out what's about to happen. Fortunately this revitalization of core American ideals sides much more closely with the Republican platform that it does with that of the Democratic. I sure do hope the Republican spendthrifts out there don't think they are insulated from these networks of people just because of the 'R' next to their name.

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