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    1 Dead in Shooting at Luke Air Force Base

    Tuesday , February 23, 2010

    A shooting and fatal car crash on Luke Air Force Base in Litchfield, Ariz., have left one person dead and another injured, KSAZ Phoenix reported.

    At 11 p.m. Monday night two individuals ran a gate at the base with their car, said Capt. Gonzales, a spokesman at Luke Air Force Base.

    A security forces officer reportedly confronted two men inside the car, previously reported stolen, said Officer Karen Gerardo, the public information officer at the Glendale Police Department.

    When the officer got out of his car to try to make contact with the two men, the car drove directly at him. The officer shot at the car, which then crashed, said Gerardo.

    One of the occupants of the vehicle was killed. His cause of death has not been determined.

    The other person in the car was injured and transported to a hospital.

    Investigators do not suspect terrorism, said Gerardo. They don't believe the men were anything other than car thieves, said Gonzales.,00.html
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    Stuff like this happens now and then. I remember hearing a number of years back some coked out junkies stole a car and where barrelling down a road in Tampa. They saw what they thought was a toll booth ahead and decided to blow through it. Turned out it was the main gate for Macdill AFB. They blasted through the gate, and promptly ran into the tank barricade.
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