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Original message Code Pink protester: Blackwater official threatened to kill me

Code Pink protester: Blackwater official threatened to kill me

By David Edwards
Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 -- 7:10 pm

A Code Pink protester claimed a high-ranking Blackwater official threatened his life during a break of a Senate Armed Services hearing focused on the military contractor's actions in Afghanistan.

Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin reported that the threat was made by Johnny Walker, a program manager with one of Blackwater's subsidiaries. Walker testified at the hearing about the role his company, Paravant, played during its mercenary deployments to the Middle East.

Shortly after the break was announced, Tighe Barry criticized the US military's use of Blackwater to the court and the CNN camera. As Walker brushed past on his way out of the courtroom, Barry claims Walker said "I'm gonna kill you."

"This is how they run their business," Barry said to the camera after Walker left the room. "They are trained murderers. They will threaten you at any moment and they'll be in our communities soon."


So a kook Lefty Website quotes another kook Lefty "news site".