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  1. #1 Congressman Weiner on Kos:The Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary 
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    Congressman Weiner on Kos:The Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary

    The Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.

    Thatís what I said on the House floor this afternoon.

    The Republicans squealed like pigs and immediately demanded that my words be ďtaken downĒ as they say in the House. But they canít say itís not true.( Oh yea? DU says you're lying.).

    You can see the whole thing over at Firedoglake.

    Iíve been saying all along - we have to stop making concession after concession to win Republican votes. We havenít won over a single person from the other side.

    Thatís why Iím sure the Republicans wonít bring any real ideas for reform.

    But just in case the Republicans thought they could tap dance their way through the summit without getting called on their baloney, Iím going to be live-blogging all day on Daily Kos starting at 10am.

    Itís a chance for supporters of the public option to make our voices heard. If you like what you hear, then I hope youíll join my fight by sending a few bucks my way on ActBlue.
    Who's owned by the insurance industry?

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    4. $19.4 million in prez campaign donations from health corporations,

    according to open secrets:

    Health Sector Totals to Candidates

    Display: Select a Sector Agribusiness Communications/Electronics Construction Defense Energy/Natural Resources Finance/Insurance/Real Estate Health Lawyers & Lobbyists Transportation Misc Business Labor Ideology/Single-Issue Other

    Total to these candidates: $41,912,484
    (Dems 66.7% and Repubs 33.1%)

    Obama, Barack $19,462,986
    McCain, John $7,389,547
    Clinton, Hillary $6,397,849
    Romney, Mitt $2,283,350
    Giuliani, Rudy $2,075,197
    Paul, Ron $828,483
    Richardson, Bill $778,170
    Edwards, John $587,941
    Thompson, Fred $537,429
    Huckabee, Mike $491,202
    Dodd, Chris $339,850
    Biden, Joe $283,880
    Brownback, Sam $108,580
    Thompson, Tommy $67,811
    Nader, Ralph $62,251
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol View Post
    Who's owned by the insurance industry?
    Weiner is a whiny New York liberal 'butt plug'.He is engaged to marry Mama Clinton's former top aid Huma Abedin .She's An Arab and He's A Jew,a marriage made to fail.
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