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    Quote Originally Posted by biccat View Post
    I haven't played 40k or Warmachine in a while, been too busy with other real life pursuits. It just seems like it's hard to find the time to get everything together, put together an hour or so to game, and then pack it all up again.
    I hear ya. Right now I'm working on a second army for 40k, Khornate Daemon army (primary is 3500 points of Necrons) with the new Codex and for Warmachine I'm putting together a 750 point Haley list with 12 heavy cavary models (6 Cygnar and 6 Merc).
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    I love to play cards and dominos, it's a great way to pass the time out here.

    As far as games, working out isn't really a game but i do a lot of that too. Trying to better yourself through hard work, it's rewarding. :D
    "Don't vote. It only encourages the bastards." -PJ O'Roarke
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