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That is good to hear!! Because I nearly bought some cedar planks at Costco's today, and I decided not to spend the money. Sounds like a gimmich to me.

I always use charcoal, and/or wood, (never gas.. gag gag!!!), so I think the flavor is pretty good already.

While we are asking for recipes.. anybody have a good zucchinni recipe? We had a family reunion, and someone brought some sort of zucchinni spears...I don't know if it was grilled. Probably was since we were all camping out. I suspect it was drizzled with olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese.. etc. Anybody have a recipe similar to that? It was sooo good, and I never found the recipe, or (with the size of my family) even who made it.

spellcheck has alerted on gimmich, parmesan, zucchinni, and spellcheck. Good grief.. I even tried several spellings on them before thinking, "bite me".
Try 'gimmick' and just the one 'n' in zucchini, parmesan looks right to me though. ;)