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Was Jimmy Carter THAT Bad?

We often hear that Obama is going to be another Jimmy Carter? I've even seen it written on here by DUers. I would understand why the Republicans hate him...they hate all Democrats. But since when did Carter's name become synonymous with failure? Is it purely because he was a 1-term President? But then GHWB (Poppy) was a 1-term President too. His son was an even bigger failure. I don't see people coming on T.V. saying "you don't want to be like the Bushes." I'm only 22, so I wasn't around way back then. Is it because Carter was possibly the last true American President before complete corporate takeover brought to us by Ronald Reagan? Or is it just more of the MSM/republicans dictating to the Democratic Party? I know Carter has said a lot of things that have put him in the news. He's openly called Israel's actions apartheid and that pissed a lot of people off. But Israel has been getting some bad press lately. People aren't as afraid to criticize them or question them now as they once were. They still have a very powerful lobby called AIPAC though.

So what's the big idea?
Yes he was that bad!
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1. Carter stood up to the oil companies

He was and is an honest and brilliant man. The best president that we have had in my lifetime.
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6. He had some faults

But honesty wasn't one of them. The dude must have been cleaner than Mother Teresa because the Repubs would have blown up any indiscretion into an impeachable offense. They had to wait for Clinton for that.

He did tend to get a bit too much into the minutia, but to compensate for that he worked his ass off.

The comparisons to Obama started before the election. Because that is their hope, to make any Democrat a one termer and slime the living shit out of them after while saying how good life was under their guy. All in all it is BS. If you take all of the Presidents over the past 50 years and rank them on economic growth (jobs created, stock market increase, standard of living, etc) Carter would rank pretty close to Reagan (the hero of the right) and above Bush 1 and obviously way above W. To be fair you would have to look at a lot of factors to compare, for example strength of economy at inauguration, economic cycles, global events.

But if Ronnie is the gold standard and Carter was a turd, then you wouldn't have a whole lot of room between gold and shit, and W would then be a steaming pile of dung the size of Northern Hemisphere.
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5. Republicans crashed the economy

pissed off the Middle East and then dumped it in Carter's lap.

Sound familiar?

No, he wasn't a bad President. If we had listened to him all these years, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today.

He did start a lot of the deregulating though. I don't think he was that great of a friend to labor.