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    Carter that bad?

    The understatement of the century at

    Jimmy's miserable failure as a president still lingers today, and can be summed up in three words:

    Community Reinvestment Act

    The gift that kept on giving!

    It created the current economic turmoil!
    Give a liberal a fish - he will eat for a day
    Teach a liberal to fish - he will come back tomorrow wanting more free fish!
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  2. #12 was Carter that bad? 

    Iranian Hostage crisis

    Arab oil embargo (any of you guys remember gas lines?)

    double digit inflation

    Soviet invasion of Afghanistan


    Jimmah Cahtah is a piece of, I take that back...that would insulting to shit.

    Jimmah Cahtah is the hemorrhoid that gets rubbed raw by the piece of shit as it exits the asshole. The only positive that came from the Carter presidency was that it gave us 8 years of Reagan.
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