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  1. #1 States move to revoke charities' tax exemptions 
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    States move to revoke charities' tax exemptions

    Source: Associated Press

    Faced with steep declines in tax revenue, an increasing number of states and localities are considering eliminating various tax exemptions for nonprofit groups.

    A bill before the Hawaii Legislature, for instance, would require charities to pay a 1 percent tax, and Kansas is considering making them subject to sales taxes.

    Revoking the nonprofit organizations' exemptions from property taxes is also under scrutiny in several counties in Kansas, as well as in Pennsylvania.

    And last fall, Minneapolis made charities subject to the fees it charges businesses and residents for streetlights in hope of gaining an additional $155,000, an exercise Jon Pratt, executive director of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, describes as "looking under the sofa cushions."

    In most cases, churches would be exempt from the tax measures, but all other nonprofit groups, including private schools and colleges, would be affected.
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    7. I agree with the above posters: TAX THE CHURCHES!!!!!!!!
    The only thing preventing churches from endorsing political candidates is their tax exempt status.

    Yea!!! Tax the churches.

    And in 2011 and 2012 every "fundamentalist" pastor will be saying, Vote for Sara Palin!!! She's pro life and pro family!!:eek::D
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    I can see the justification for making colleges and such paying taxes for services . . . . a HUGE percentage of the city of Pittsburgh is owned by one of the schools or one of the hospitals. HELL - most of downtown is owned by one government agency or another - including a situation where some democrat set a perpetual lease on a piece of property so that the skyscraper that is built on it does not have to pay property taxes!
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