KoKo (1000+ posts) Sat Feb-27-10 08:05 PM
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If I was a parent of a son who was of Military Age...I'd tell him to SIGN UP!
Advertisements [?]WHY? Because there's no future for Males in America..because Wall St. is going to IMPLODE under it's OWN CRIMINALITY! In the US MILITARY...you get alot of FREE STUFF...like EDUCATION PAID FOR, MED HEALTH BENEFITS...and PERKS because you are "SERVING" to keep the TERRAISTS FROM KILLING ALL OF US!

There are NO JOBS for MEN trying to support a Family here in the USA! You can get "Extra Degrees" but where will you end up ..these days? So...the MILITARY is the BEST PLACE...and it OFFERS FOREIGN TRAVEL and OPPORTUNITIES to be a JOURNALIST...for Wolf Blitzer!

If My Daughter were Graduating...I'd tell her to try to get into the Media as a Porn Queen (if she didn't have nursing skills or money to get in to a Top Harvard/Yale School, that would get her into Wall Street as a Financial Person of one kind or the other. If she bares her breasts (maybe enhanced with "implants") she could get on one of the MSM's REALITY SHOWS because she had problems with her Boyfriend, Ex-Hubbie or "SO" or PARENTS) and if the Program got enough views and is outrageous enough she could be featured on "Huffington Post" as one of their "Best and Brightest," and then she could write PITHY ARTICLES about her SITUATION and MAKE MONEY ON A BOOK DEAL?


Sell off our SONS TO WAR ENTERPRISE...and our DAUGHTERS TO PORN AND SENSATIONALISM... IF they want to make some Money to Compete with the Harvard, Stanford, MIT, YALE and the rest of the PhD's of the FAMOUS AND THE ENTITLED!

So...how do you tell your kids this?... It's shameful and horrible that this is what it is...imho!

Surely there a "steps inbetween" but it's pretty clear where things are going for our kids these days...

leftstreet (1000+ posts) Sat Feb-27-10 08:08 PM
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3. Tell 'em to run for office. Same perks but you don't have to see who you're killing
Lydia Leftcoast (1000+ posts) Sat Feb-27-10 08:09 PM
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4. If I had children, I'd tell them to get a marketable skill and emigrate

I would never advise a child of mine to join the military. I would not want them dying for corporate America and its bogus wars.
HeresyLives (1000+ posts) Sat Feb-27-10 08:09 PM
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5. Why would anyone even THINK this, much less
tell it to their kids??
demmiblue (1000+ posts) Sat Feb-27-10 08:10 PM
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6. Nope... I would not encourage either of these avenues.
Tierra_y_Libertad (1000+ posts) Sat Feb-27-10 08:21 PM
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8. Cannon fodder is certainly becoming a growth industry in this country.
demigoddess (1000+ posts) Sat Feb-27-10 08:46 PM
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15. i grew up military and i know that you pay a big price for those perks. if you don't die,
you might end up with PTSD and drink yourself to death, or have mental problems the rest of your life, if you don't commit suicide, you will be on meds for years. Many come out of the military with no marketable skills. You may spend a lot of years on welfare or have to go back to school to learn a profession, or just eke by the rest of your life. If you served, you might also have health problems or die an early death as a result of wounds or the exposure to toxic chemicals which are more prevalent in the military than civilian life. Some thing else, overseas you may fall in love and marry a foreign bride, who after coming back to the States, has absolutely no respect for you, you were just a meal ticket. You lose all respect for yourself, and end up estranged from your own children. Your children may speak a language that you do not understand. Yeah, it is a great life, if you know the costs.
Andy823 (1000+ posts) Sat Feb-27-10 09:04 PM
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16. It is the republican plan!
No jobs means more people will join the military, more military means more wars can be waged in order to take control countries that have resources the big corporations want. Without soldiers they can't keep the wars going which in turn makes the rich richer. It's the "New World Order" that daddy Bush talked so much about, and this has all be planed in order to make it come to be. Now JR screwed things up but made up for it by taking the country into the worst recession in history. Wall street and the big banks were bailed out with taxpayer money which meant that president Obama would not be able to do much when he became president but try and get out of the mess Bush left. This would help the right wing blame all the problems on president Obama and the democrats thus allowing republicans to try and claim the high ground again and take back the power because after all most americans, according to the powers that be, don't remember just how terrible the republicans were, so they will gladly vote out the democrats so they can have "change"!

The sad thing is if democrats don't get a spine and stand up to the right, the right will win! People want "real" change, and if the democrats won't give it to them, then many will not turn out to vote in November. The only hope for change is fading away, unless democrats fight back and take control, and sadly that may not happen!

I had to stop at that point... didn't want to go any farther. Glad I put on this uniform every day. These people certainly deserve it.