SnObama's people hacking web sites now?

Macsmind Hacking UPDATE
02 Aug
Posted by macranger as News

Confederate Yankee notes further possible examples by Obama supporters getting Google to suspend sites for “Terms of Service” violations.

Instapundit tries to douse the theories, but here is one fact that can’t be explained away.

On July 22-25 Macsmind was DOS’d (Denial of Service) that originated from three IP addresses that are assigned to Barack Obama’s website. This isn’t a theory but was confirmed via law enforcement through an inspection of the site logs from those dates. The IP address in question; Please don't post IP's on CU, Thx. SR.., are all registered via “Go Daddy” under the name

On those dates, beginning at At 5:48PM Central on the 22nd, the hosted server that contained our site was hit by a 1.6 gigabyte flood of illegitimate traffic. The attacks never abated and only stopped when our host provider took us off line.

Speculation is one thing, but facts are another. This time however we’ve taken protective measures to prevent this from happening again. Additionally the investigation will continue and appropriate interstate authorities have been notified.