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  1. #1 My two cents on the Anthrax Suicide… from a former spook 
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    Now you just knew this was coming!

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    My two cents on the Anthrax Suicide… from a former spook
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    His neighbors say that they knew that he was under surveillance because they parked the SV's (surveillance vehicles) in front of their houses on numerous occasions.

    His was a classic "suicide op" in which the subject is surveilled OVERTLY. He is harassed until it drives him crazy. He is threatened with jail and prosecution like the Sword of Damacles was hanging over his head. He is "reminded" that if he goes to jail (and/or is executed) that his family will not receive any of his pension, insurance, retirement..... While his suicide probably voided any private insurance, his family will still not get benefits from the government.

    Agents had reached his therapist and were getting the evidence to discredit his name and any defense that he might wage against the charges he was being threatened with. He was also being prepped for discreditation in the event that he turned "whistle blower".

    His "suicide" was an excellent Operation by those who either were responsible for the original anthrax or who wanted to make the story go away by putting the blame on him.


    If Bruce Ivins was the main suspect, why hadn’t we heard anything about the Anthrax case in nearly seven years?
    Why was Steven Hatfield able to successfully sue the US Government for harassment and violation of his civil liberties just a couple of months ago?
    Did the government lean on Ivins just as they leaned on Hatfield, but Hatfield was able to get out from under the pressure by putting the pressure back on the government?

    fwiw, I used to work in the "discrediting" field many years ago and have seen this done a few times, and this appears to have followed the SOP (standard operating procedure).

    No autopsy huh, oh well I guess the case is closed and ready to be sent down the memory hole.

    I'm sure Cheney was responsible. :eek::D
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    or the joooooooosssssssssssss!
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    It could have been Rove. Now that he's free from government service, he doesn't need Bush's permission to covertly take out dissidents.

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