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Got a call from my Army Ranger son. He and his troops saw Obama.

I wanted to hear him bust with pride, telling me that seeing his President -- this President -- had made an impression on him.

Instead, he said: We were assembled there...the 1st Ranger Battalion, one of only 3 Ranger Battalions in existence (and of course he listed them). And the President gave us a nonchalant wave as he rode past us. Not more than a glance and a little wave. Like he didn't recognize who we were, like he didn't care.

That from my son who is getting ready to be deployed yet again into harms way -- his second tour in Afganistan, third since he joined.

This is sad for me.
I'm certainly not surprised Obama did this.

They really jump on sojourner.
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15. I was really expecting him to say how great it was to see the President!

I am very proud of my son. He is amazing. And the joining the Rangers is damn crazy thing to do...but he did it because he thinks the Army needs people like him, smart, strong, brave and .... special. (I know that everyone reading says "oh yeah, all our kids are special" but I've got 5 special kids and this one? He's SPECIAL. He's already earning recognition from the higher ups and is selected for leadership positions among the leaders.)

He's proud of his service and I guess what makes this all the more poignant is that last night, he called to go over his last wishes. In case of the unthinkable. DAMNIT!!!

And why couldn't my President....the one I proudly voted for.....make my son proud by paying more than one half second's notice to the fact that he was passing an assemblage of some the finest and bravest young men in this country's armed services? I know he's busy. I know there are pressing matters to attend to. But god damn. These men are dying on his orders...and he could at least make them feel noticed, couldn't he?
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3. then his motorcade ran over my puppy

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whereupon he stuck his head out and pointed at the carcass and laughed.

But seriously, we know how the military feels about Democratic presidents, so I take this story with a grain of salt.
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46. so, you're telling me that you can't tolerate hearing an honest comment about an experience?

my son is the one relating his feelings. they are valid - to me at least - and more so because of what he is doing with his life. he intends to help other young soldiers by being as good a leader and soldier as he can be. i am a progressive and sure, i want my son to be favorably impressed by presidential actions. sorry if that is a problem for you. well actually i don't give a flip what you think, but it does make me plenty angry to read the sorts of comments you and some others have written.
this ISN'T freerepublic and actually they were exactly as you describe yourself during bush and co. they were 100% behind him no matter what he did. they would not tolerate a word of dissent, nor hear a single thought that didn't conform to the "message". so in that respect - might as well BE at freerepublic.
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7. Maybe

But I'd be interested in seeing the footage to confirm the description of events. Maybe Unhappy Camper can link to articles tomorrow about how this was covered in Stars and Stripes.
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Don't bother. I posted something that my kid shared and you

and others like you want to trash him. I don't know where you think you're getting with your nastiness, but you're sure as hell pissing me off. My son is a pretty sensitive and intelligent (read discerning) young man. Whatever he himself observed, he observed it with his own eyes, and he felt bad about it. That, for a mom who lines up fairly hard left and progressive is a disappointment.

Save your razor sharp wit for some worthy opponent. I'm just the mom of a kid who saw someone who his mom hopes he will respect and felt disrespected himself. I posted it because it matters; whether you like it or not, I believe it matters.
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27. respectfully, ma'am

but what did you hope to accomplish by posting this? Why on this website and not on a military board? Why not in a respectful letter to the white house?
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5. Yes... because clearly Obama hates the troops


I can almost guarantee there is more to the story than this.
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10. yup

you got it!
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44. must have been Obama's arrogance day.

yep, way more to this story that OP wants us to believe.

Obama does not snub people.
Its not his style.
They are so blind.
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17. where the hell do you come from? I posted a civil, polite comment

that originates from what my kid said about how he felt. I think it's important. I don't care if you don't like it. I don't think my son, or I deserve or have earned the shitty comments you and others like you are making. I will wish upon you the same fate as you wish upon others, threefold.
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22. I'm sorry that your son was so disappointed.......

although he can just join the long line of folks disappointed that this President is not perfect.

It is just a shame that this President could only think of waving without getting visibly excited by those watching him, and certainly there would be no reason for him to be pre-occupied about any other matters beyond not only waving, but waving with feelings!...especially since this President could have stopped his moving car that he was riding in, jog on over to where your son and others had gathered, and shake hands and shoot the breeze for a couple of minutes. I'm sure that since this must have been on an Army base, there would have been no need for security clearance, since we all know how safe Army Bases are these days! I know if I had gathered somewhere where the President was and he didn't wave with feelings, or stop for me, and get out of his car I'd be pissed too! Especially if my Mom was with me....cause she is certainly one of a kind!
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54. damn....this place is strange anymore. i don't know who the people living here are,

but there is no longer freedom of thought or of expression. there seem to be an army of thought police patrolling and condemning the slightest deviation from total conformity with the predominate sentiment -- our president right or wrong and fuck the sucker who dares to disagree. you guys are JUST like the freepers of old. and just as damn rude.
And it goes on and on.