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Senator Obama should vet fall debate moderators

I was just thinking about the ABC debate held just before the Pennsylvania primary where Charles Gibson and George Stephanopolous mounted a full-blown effort to try to destroy Senator Obama. Any corporate media reps will attempt to do the same when the stakes are far far higher in the Obama/Mccain fall debates.

I think that Senator Obama and his team should make it very clear to the commission on presidential debates that they find it very important to have unbiased and fair moderators. He should threaten to walk away from the debates if they don't.

The only anchors that I trust to moderate the debates are Jim Lehrer or Judy Woodruff really. Maybe Meredith Vierrfa as well. Definitely not Gibson et al.

The election will hinge on the debates and we need fair moderators. Hopefully, Senator Obama's team recognizes this as well.
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2. I'd like to see a system like jury selection.

Sounds funny I know, but you take a pool of possible moderators, have them submit their top 5 questions or something in advance so you know what angle they're going for, each side gets a certain number of rejections, the possible moderators can be questioned and then they choose the final three.