We have to go to a school function early this afternoon...the Brat only has a few days left of school...but I guess today they're grilling hotdogs and burgers for this school party, so we're going! :D

TOTD: What's your most memorable event during grade school (elem, middle, or high), good or bad? Mine would be the time my brother and I--and some friends--were attending an off-site high school thing where all of us (including chaperones) stayed overnight in a hotel and got caught drinking beer (how we got the beer was kinda funny because we ordered pizza and the delivery guy bought a case of Budweiser for us, no questions asked). Needless to say some of us thought we'd be expelled or worse...but since MOST of us never got into any trouble like that, the principal merely gave us the proverbial slap on the wrist....and my parents (who I thought would go berserk and ground us for a million years) strangely enough didn't really freak out.