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Taverner (1000+ posts) Sat Mar-06-10 05:06 PM
Original message I've posted this on other boards - so how about here: Why is Capitalism better?

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I don't think it is. It's what we have for now, and so one should do their best within the system they've got, not the one they want.

Honestly, for most people, Socialism is better. I am not talking Marxist Leninism, Rousseau, or any specific theorist.

Socialism is simply the economic model where the public or direct worker owns and administers the means of production and allocation of resources.

As a broad concept, why is this not better than Capitalism?
ThomWV (1000+ posts) Sat Mar-06-10 05:33 PM
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12. There is not one single example of socialism having worked anywhere for more than a few years Edited on Sat Mar-06-10 05:33 PM by ThomWV
And nowhere in europe today is there Socialism, every single country operates under a capitalistic model.
Fool Count (67 posts) Sat Mar-06-10 08:59 PM
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52. Not one single example? I will give you one.Socialism worked just fine in USSR for over 70 years, turning a backwards illiterate
desperately poor peasant country into the second most powerful military-industrial
empire in the world. That happened also in the face of relentlessly aggressive
hostility from the rest of the world, and despite USSR having to fight several
costly wars, most devastating of which (WWII) left the country in complete ruin
and 25 million less in population. And, please, don't give me that crap, about how
terrible a totalitarian dictatorship USSR was. I was born and spent 25 years of my life
there, and it was nothing of the sort. It was a dynamic vibrant society full of happy, free
and creative people - it would not have been able to compete with the US for so long
otherwise. All the propaganda lies drilled into the brains of the gullible western
mass media consumers is just a reflection of how afraid the capitalist masters are
of people finding out that a human society can exist, thrive and progress without
a profit motive.
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