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  1. #1 The Democratic Party is Destroying Itself 
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    The Republican party is destroying itself. That’s the message you’ll see repeated in media outlet after media outlet. That is the liberal talking point that has been spread throughout 2008 and 2009 by the press over and over again.

    It’s the one they’re still repeating now, even as the Tea Party movement has gone from a populist movement that the media ignored and then smeared when they couldn’t ignore it anymore, to a national force in politics. It’s the mantra that they’re still chanting even as so many Democratic congressmen are departing that it almost feels like a coup.

    As the Soviet Union kept insisting in the 70s that world capitalism was on the brink of destruction—the Greenwalds, the Krugmans and their meme spreading diggbats are insisting that the Republican party is about to be destroyed as a force in national politics.

    Just as the Republican party is due for a major comeback in the midterm elections. As Obama’s ratings keep sinking faster than a wet Koran in a toilet and the Democratic congress finds itself chained to a wildly unpopular health care plan that would force everyone to buy insurance from their health insurance industry backers

    —the old record keeps spinning. The Republican party is destroying itself.

    But that is the price you pay for living in an echo chamber. The echoes may sound pretty, but only to someone who is deeply in love with the sound of his own voice. The USSR formed itself into one giant echo chamber in which everyone repeated the lies that the government wanted them to believe, until the government believed them too.

    And that is the real punishment of a liar, not that he will not be believed when he tells the truth, but that he will come to believe his own lies as the absolute truth. So when every level of government and media in the USSR repeated that last year’s harvest was 96 percent successful, no one could logically reconcile that with the fact that there was no actual bread anywhere to be found.

    Forced to choose between believing in the propaganda of a successful harvest or the reality that there was no bread—they went on believing in the propaganda, because lies had become their reality.

    When in the aftermath of Scott Brown’s Massachusetts victory, Howard Dean went on Hardball to explain that the actual vote had been in support of the Public Option, you could almost see the hammer and sickle waving over his head. His argument made absolutely no logical sense, even to famous leg-tingler Chris Matthews.

    But they were never meant to make any kind of logical sense. Howard Dean was proceeding from the absolute belief that the American people want the most extreme legislation that Democrats can possibly think of. Not the opinion, not the ideal… but the belief.

    This is an absolute belief that millions of liberals share. The fact that most Americans do not want their legislation is not a fact that they can process. When confronted with it, just ignore it. Because when your premise is that Americans want your legislation, then the fact that they don’t want it does not compute..
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    Quote Originally Posted by megimoo View Post
    But that is the price you pay for living in an echo chamber. The echoes may sound pretty, but only to someone who is deeply in love with the sound of his own voice.
    lol sweet irony
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