:D It's so funny to watch them cry like widdle babies...

whatchamacallit (1000+ posts) Sun Mar-07-10 12:27 PM
Original message I'm over him. Next...

During the Bush years I reached a point where the only way I could keep my sanity was to push him as far out of my consciousness as possible. Self preservation required I stop watching him, hearing him, caring... Sorry to say, I'm kinda there with Obama. Nobody's perfect and all of the democrats I've voted for have dropped the ball in one way or another, but none so completely that they earn the unfortunate non-entity status I usually reserve for republicans. I learned during the Bush administration that we are really on our own and self-reliance is key to survival. I'm taking my eggs out of Obama's basket and moving on.

A lot of "See Ya" answers and some in agreement...

WilliamPitt (1000+ posts) Sun Mar-07-10 01:07 PM
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22. (facepalm)
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29. Ha, sorry to disappoint Maybe you can write a long, windy, essay about it.
They really have Pitts number over there. :D