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Original message You are not the God of me!

I grew up in the South and was churched well. I have watched the different denominations and faiths go about their business for years. I was never a fan to say the least.

However, I have effing had it! I've had it with the lot of you who read your Bibles or other tomes and then sit in judgment. I don't remember God calling for juries to be summoned to declare their verdicts. If I remember correctly, God is the final arbiter and it's his decision.

All of you are a bunch of scurrilous pretenders who pick and choose what to believe. The motes in your eyes are so large that I wonder that you can see at all. I don't think they are motes, but mirrors. You are looking at your bloody self.

You are praying for the President to die. That sentence alone is enough to make me wish Daniel would visit all of you and tear your pillars down. Tear the fracking New Testament out of the Bible because you aren't using it. You are Leviticans of the first order and you preach hate and intolerance. I don't remember that message from Jesus when I was growing up.

I also don't hear a chorus rising up from people who don't think as you do. They have let you hijack the gospel and turn it on its head. They are just as bad because the true meaning they meekly avow is being rapidly lost. It is time for them to stand in their bloody pulpits and declare 'Enough!' They are almost even worse because they let the haters run the message. I have to conclude that they either agree with the hate or they are scared to challenge the ugly message being propounded.

You are pitiful Christians and even worse Americans.

I will stand in your way. I am not a sheeple who will be lead or taken anywhere by you and your ilk. I have no delusions that I am God's messenger on Earth. I think for myself and believe in 'The Golden Rule.'
Look it up because you need to read it a lot.

Take the 30 pieces of silver you use to support your efforts and get the hell out of my life.
Oy!!! What a screed. But of course, it's da DUmp.

And included at no extra charge in this one is another DU favorite...I hate my family!!!

Are_grits_groceries (1000+ posts) Tue Mar-09-10 06:30 AM
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5. This can be a very lonely place. I feel like a 'coastwatcher' in the Phillipines. I have a brazillion relatives because both parents had 9 siblings. However, I no longer have a family.

I know people wonder why I'm here at all. It's as close to home as I can get anymore. I'm not sure I have a real home except for 2 cats and Lily Rose.
I liked the 'coastwatcher' thingy. :D