Swedish newspapers reprint Prophet cartoon

2010-03-10 20:30:00

Several Swedish newspapers Wednesday reprinted a controversial caricature of the Prophet Mohammed as a dog, the day after an alleged plot to murder the cartoonist was disclosed.

Seven arrests were reported Tuesday in Ireland while one woman was charged in the US for conspiring to commit terrorism. The target of the alleged murder plot was Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who made the caricature in 2007.

Vilks has been threatened several times. A bounty of $100,000 was placed on his head in 2007 by an Iraq-based insurgency group after publication of the caricature.

Early this year, Vilks said he had received threatening phone calls from Somalia.

Those phone calls came roughly a week after a newspaper cartoonist in neighbouring Denmark survived an attack when a Somali-born man broke into his home.

Vilks appeared unruffled on learning of the arrests in Ireland and the US, telling the newspaper Dagens Nyheter he was 'not afraid, but you need a plan if something highly unlikely should happen'.

His plan included keeping an axe near the entrance to his home in southern Sweden and a secure room upstairs.