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You're right about the opinions, though. My husband and I were in a cafe at the opera in Stockholm in 2006. When the Swedish gentleman next to us heard our American accents, his opening line of conversation to us was, "When are you Americans going to DO something about your president?" in a very cold tone of voice.

I didn't want to get his hopes up about rifles and scopes, so I just smiled and said, "We have an election coming up in two years."

My cousin from Slovenia visited in the summer of 2001. He told me, immediately after another cousin introduced us, "I hate your president". I told him "Go ahead, I didn't vote for him". He went off on a rampage about the electoral college and all. I told him "It's better than whatever your country had until about 5 years ago". As he was no fan of Tito, that shut him up.

Igor's thing was the Kyoto treaty. My mom went to visit him a couple of years ago, and he was even angrier with Bush, because of the invasion of Iraq. Slovenia is kind of isolated from the rest of the former Yugoslavia, because it is mostly in the alps, plus, Yugoslavia was probably the one place where communism continued the established middle class. Tito never signed the Warsaw Pact, and didn't allow the USSR to define communism for him. Not that he was a great guy or anything, but he wasn't as hardline as the soviets were. When Igor's sister pissed them off, they asked her to leave the country. They didn't ship her off to some labor camp in frozen hell.