angrycarpenter (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-03-08 06:38 PM

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My response to conservative E-mails

What if the liberals are right?

What if Bush really did steal the elections?

What if they really did lie us into a ruinous war?

What if they did record every single phone call and E-mail for blackmail purposes?

What if they allowed 9/11 to happen?

What if their first thought after 9/11 was "how can we use this to our advantage?"

What if Karl rove did indeed turn our justice dept. into a political tool?

What if they intentionally tortured people who they knew did nothing wrong?

What if they came into office with the purpose of finding a way around every law that makes our leaders accountable to us?

What if they came into office with the aim of making the rich richer at the expense of the rest of us?

What if Iran is really no great threat to us and they attack them anyway?

What if in spite of your unflagging support they have made fools of you?

What if a president McCain really does start WWIII?

What if the answer to just one of these questions is yes?

Is the thought of a president Obama so frightening that you want at least 4 more years of this?

Open your eyes and vote with the courage and optimism that Americans used to be famous for, we have seen what voting out fear has done to us.
What if BDS has eaten away every last functioning brain cell, and you're just an idiot wearing a tinfoil hat much too tight?

What happens when President Bush leaves office and you no longer have a convenient boogie man to blame every problem on?

What if everything that has happened these past eight years is exactly as it happened and you're the one having delusions?