KEVIN Rudd's dreams of hosting an Obama family holiday have been dashed as the US President revealed via Twitter that his wife and children had pulled out of a much-anticipated trip to Australia.

And Barack Obama has left open the possibility of cancelling the trip altogether - including a historic address to the Federal Parliament. Mr Obama has been forced delay the visit to shore up support for his proposed health reforms. The President has his own busy Twitter account but he left to White House aide Robert Gibbs to reveal the change of plans on the social networking site.

"The President will delay leaving for Indonesia and Australia - will now leave Sunday - the First Lady and girls will not be on the trip," the message read. White House officials told The Sunday Telegraph that Mr Obama's itinerary would be limited to official business.

When Mrs Obama and the Obamas' two girls, Sasha and Malia, were on the trip, it was hoped they would take a tour of Canberra and Sydney harbour. Mr Obama is due to address the Federal Paraliament on Tuesday, March 23. The Prime Minister said yesterday that Australia would fit in with Mr Obama's timetable. "The President is welcome in Australia at any time. He knows that. The Government of the US knows that," Mr Rudd said.

"If this visit is delayed by several days, if it's brought about by the necessities of the health reform process in the US, I really understand that as well." Mr Rudd said the advice to him was that Mr Obama was still coming, although several days later than planned and perhaps for a shorter time. "He has health reform on his agenda on Washington. We have health and hospitals reform on our agenda here in Australia. He has a thing called a troublesome Senate.

"I have a troublesome Senate as well.

"There are a few similarities here."

Yeah there are....very shortly, you and that posturing fool will get their asses kicked by a fed up electorate.