Larry Johnson's was hacked last night

"The messiah's acolytes are getting angry and aggressive !"

This is old news, because it happened last night at around 1am or so, but it seems someone out there is upset with Larry Johnson and and the announcement that on Monday Johnson is going to report further on Michelle Obama's racist rant, caught on film, at Trinity United.

Since NoQuarter is still having problems coming back online, it's being reported on blogs all over the internet that Johnson has new information to bring forward on Monday -- but he has NOT reported that the video is being released tomorrow.

Johnson has explicitly said the video is in the hands of John McCain's campaign, and that the GOP will release this video only if Obama becomes the Democratic nominee.

The other players seeking this video are, surprisingly, GOP operatives who don't want McCain to win, and know Hillary Clinton would beat McCain in the general election. It's a lot of Cloak and Dagger right now.

There's just no equivalent for this in American politics -- and this is a nation with astounding twists and turns in our presidential elections. Michael Dukakis should have trounced George H. W. Bush in 1988 -- he had a 20 point lead at one point. And then a combination of Willie Horton and that ridiculous picture of Dukakis in a tank, a la Snoopy, decimated him. In 2000, Al Gore chose to distance himself from the Clinton legacy, and allowed himself to be the butt of the media's jokes ("I invented the Internet"), before finally listening to Warren Christopher and other out-of-touch party fixtures and refusing to fight the GOP aggressively in the disputed Florida race (see: HBO's excellent film Recount for a reminder of how Gore could have won, if he had stood up for himself aggressively the way Bush's team did for their candidate). John Kerry seemend intent to prove, in 2004, that a Democrat could throw away a golden opportunity to unseat probably the worst President of the United States in history, by dressing in ridiculous costumes (his hunting, windsurfing, and NASA outfits), saying inane things like "I voted for it, before I voted against it", and, once again, refusing to stand up for himself and fight the GOP in equal measure. But, there has never been an instance where a candidate's spouse was caught on tape screaming and yelling, ranting and raving, and launching into a racist diatribe, using epithets and expletives, in a church of all places. We've never seen anything like this before.

AND, what makes it all worse is the fact that Michelle Obama knew full well she was being recorded while launching into this rant. She just didn't care. There can be no excuse that she was tired or didn't know the camera was on, so she was only kidding, or practicing lines for a play she was secretly in -- an evil, venomous, screeching, hateful play. Obama's already thrown his grandmother, Jeremiah Wright, Father Pflegar, and now Trinity United itself under his campaign's bus. But, can he do this with Michelle too? The other people he's recently disowned, distanced himself from, or otherwise disparaged aren't people who would be living in the White House with him if he became President. Michelle Obama, however, would be, and history has shown how much influence spouses have over the person in that Oval Office. If this is who Michelle Obama really is, it's a campaign-ender, because America just won't vote for a candidate whose spouse spouts such hateful garbage, in public, when she knows she's being recorded. Now, that's audacity...of hate, and with uttter disregard for her family, community, and country.