Hiker fatally shot by bear hunter
OSO, Wash. - Skagit county authorities say a young hunter mistook a hiker for a bear and shot her.
That's pretty much the story. You would think that rational people would recognize this as an unfortunate accident. Not here. There's some denial and typical calls for government to protect hikers from hunters.

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5. Absurd. Bullshit. First degree murdrer.

She was shot and killed for other reasons.

Who the fuck mistakes a 54 year old woman for a bear?

Get real.
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50. Thanks. I guess we'll just have to wait on the official report. I hope the adult and 18 yr old

hunter are prosecuted.
Then the thread takes a turn for the bizarre, thanks to defendandprotect:
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81. I am a VEGAN . . . Updated at 2:30 AM

My shoes . . . as much as possible . . . are fabric --

Animal-eating and animal-slaughter came in with patriarchy and "Manifest Destiny" ---

neither of which has done us anything but harm ---

In that light, I think it all needs to be ended.

Meanwhile, there is no "sport" in this kind of hunting down an animal and anyone

suggesting so is delusional ---
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97. Concepts/ideas are not simply "words" . . . Updated at 2:30 AM

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And . . . animal killing and eating came in with patriarchy and patriarchal violence.

Animal-eating is making everyone ill -- is making the planet ill ---
As for the patriarchal licenses to exploit --- "Manifest Destiny" and "Man's Dominion

Over Nature" they have brought us genocide and slavery --- oppression of women --

and Global Warming which is a fatally serious threat to our species and the planet.

Lots of randomness at the thread. Mostly anti NRA and anti-hunting.