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    Quote Originally Posted by Articulate_Ape View Post
    Nice, I did not know that. Thanks, Poli. That said, I still don't trust the CBO's projections on Obamacare.
    You have a brain in not trusting these bogus numbers. The CBO had to tell Stimpy Hoyer yesterday that these are merely projections because they haven't gotten the final reconciliation bill yet. They're not set in stone like the dunce wants us to believe.

    Also, they double count the Medicare numbers. They say we'll save money by cutting $500 billion in Medicare....but wait, they're just using the $500 billion to pay for this new program!? That's like taking a $20 from your left pocket, putting it into your right pocket and saying you saved twenty dollars.
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    Let's not get wrapped around these made up numbers. We all know that this group of buger-eating morons in charge cannot pass this Obamination without bankrupting the country. This waiting for magic numbers as though they alone will make or break this bill only adds a false credibility to it. This bill can not be allowed to become law. It will forever change our country. If it is "deemed" passed, our country is finished.
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