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Please. I know you folks are are all smart enough to know that Obama has done nothing even close to an impeachable offense -- yet. It is absurd to even discuss it until he has, IMHO. Like I said before, he has done grave damage, much of it in his own party, and he AND they will answer for it at the polls. Impeachment is nonsense lacking good reason. The Clinton thing, valid or not, was a trivial matter that took Conservatives' eyes off the ball. That must not happen again. If it does then we will lose.
You are correct of course. I still agree with Rockn's sentiments about him. He is an anti-American traitor. His minions should have known better than to follow this Pied Piper Pretender. Since OBlah Blah has opened his mouth so much, there remains no doubt that he is a Marxist traitor and the DIMWIToRATS are in full agreement.