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    Quote Originally Posted by Kay View Post
    I would just add or amateur of any color. We once elected a peanut farmer and look what that got us. The office of President is the highest level CEO job in the world. Electing anyone from any party or any race that does not have the level of experience it takes to sit in the oval office is playing with fire and will burn us. You'd never hire a CEO with as thin a resume as Barry had for any bidness. He was totally unqualified based just on experience level.
    I don't believe that anyone elected to that office really realizes the killing pressure associated with the job.They only see the Prestige,Power and Honor associated with the office but not it's grinding downsides .It's bad enough when the President is moderately competent and mature enough to be able to follow the advice of more experienced advisers but a president who's bent on changing the country's entire makeup to a Socialistic dreamworld is bound to do nothing but great damage to America .

    We've had a few recent badly chosen presidents like Carter and Clinton who were obviously not up to the work.We've had a few 'lesser light's' in the office like Nixon and Johnson but we were able to survive them. Of the past greats who were able to rise to the office Reagan and Truman are my favorites.

    Truman was ill prepared for the task and was kept totally in the dark by FDR but had the will and spirit to govern well and make the really tough decisions during the war required for our survival.

    Until this current one America has been really fortunate and must have been looked after by GOD in our Presidential progression.We have survived as an nation regardless of some of our ineffective and downright dangerous leaders doing us great damage .

    Perhaps this President was deemed by GOD to punish us for our past evils of Abortion and to set the stage for his salvation of Israel.GOD is jealous of any other nations role in the salvation of Israel and will save her in the fullness of time,alone.

    Regan knew his adversaries well and was prepared to 'grind' them down
    to promote his eventual triumph over the Soviets.

    He was able to fight off Kennedy's treason and the Democrat Liberal Media's ridicule of his ABM program and produce an effective Ballistic Missile Shield over America.

    Kennedy and Clinton between them were able to guide our future enemy China into become an emerging Nuclear Ballistic Missile Armed world power that will challenge us in the near future.The military might of America was at it's zenith during Regan's terms and he set the stage for our future security.This new critter is now taking it all apart and making us into a paper tiger in the worlds estimation.


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    They couldn't impeach Clinton for lying to the grand jury
    He was impeached..he wasnt convicted. Just to clarify.

    In all, 55 senators voted not guilty, and 45 voted guilty on the perjury charge. The Senate also acquitted on the charge of obstruction, with 50 votes cast as not guilty, and 50 votes as guilty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Articulate_Ape View Post
    Rock and Am, as weird as this sounds, Obama and his minions are just what America needed. America needed to see what the Left REALLY wants and they have gotten a good look and reject it. The Liberal agenda is no longer shuffled under the table, instead they have laid out their cards. It is a new era breaking in America. It won't be pretty having to clean up the mess, but at least more Americans know where the mess comes from.

    Maybe I am an optimist, but I think a whole lot of shit is about to change back to what the majority of us believe in. We'll see.
    This is my own view. Three years ago my friends and I were talking and I told them that we needed to go through the progressive 'wish list' before we could regain our sanity and get back on track.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gingersnap View Post
    This is my own view. Three years ago my friends and I were talking and I told them that we needed to go through the progressive 'wish list' before we could regain our sanity and get back on track.
    You have more hope than I do.These critters care nothing for our nation,they look at it as just another country like France or the UK and have no real patriotism or love for America.Given the chance they will bring this country down to the primitive level of China and leave us at their tender mercy's.

    After all of these years in virtual hibernation the political concepts of Marx and Lenin have reared their ugly heads and infected America with PC.We as an nation from the Military Joint Chiefs down to our service academy's to the ranks of our enlisted are festering cesspools of PC.

    Even General Casey Army Chief of staff defended the Muslim Murderer on the basis of our outstanding Military diversity . There are so many problems with this statement. Aside from the fact there is zero evidence diversity would ever become a casualty of anything in America, especially the military, the notion that concern for diversity is priority one at a time like this is ludicrous and insulting.

    General Casey, Major Hassan fits a pattern, not of Muslim soldiers in the American military, but of religious radicals who justify killing citizens of a country they don't like.

    General Casey's response was "As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that's worse".

    What American service member will ever again trust a Muslim Line Officer or foot solder like Hassan behind him with a weapon especially in a Muslim country like Iraq or Afghanistan ?.

    And to prove my point I offer this:
    U.S. says Afghan security contractor killed US Marine

    Military investigators have determined that a U.S. Marine from northern Indiana was shot and killed in Afghanistan by a private security contractor hired by the U.S. government, according to records obtained this week by the ABC 7 I-Team. It is believed to be the first American casualty at the hands of a government-paid Afghan security contractor. Lance Corporal Joshua Birchfield, 24, of Westville, Ind., was on routine patrol in the Farah province of southern Afghanistan February 19 when he was shot in the head. The shooter, an Afghan national hired by a local contractor, was taken into custody and has...
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